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Four ways to Take on the MoveBetterChallenge

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Online! Join Virtual Events

Note: The ACK takes very seriously the standards to be followed in the context of Covid-19. This kinesiologist and his client are in their own bubble. The restrictions during filming were those that allowed it on the date of filming. The restrictions being different from province to province, and from day to day, it was produced according to the conditions existing at that time.

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Organize an Event

Create an exciting event to generate awareness about Kinesiology services and Kinesiology in general. Get involved in your community, connect with other health professionals, improve interdisciplinary communication, and engage members of the public, corporations and governments National Kinesiology Week.

Promote your Event

The National Kinesiology Week Events Map provides a platform to share your activities with the campaign’s audience and to find out what is happening in your area. Submitting your event is an easy way to tell the world what you are doing to raise awareness of kinesiology and support people living with chronic disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Find an Event Near You

Various activities will be offered across the country during National Kinesiology Week to promote the importance for Canadians to get help for an active lifestyle.  Come meet with kinesiologists who can take the time to better explain how it is possible to increase their motivation and achieve their health goals.

Share Messages & Resources

A variety of resources – toolkits, posters, messages – are available to help mark the week, raise awareness of Kinesiology and show support for the millions of people who would benefit from having an active lifestyle, and/or are currently living with a chronic disease, osteoporosis, or diabetes. Adopt the NKW Facebook profile frame!