Activity Ideas in your Community

  • Give mini-conferences to your local community health clinic, to the long-term care homes/residences in your neighbourhood, to your gym, to the social clubs around you, to the Spa near you etc.
  • Go visit the Saturday “pee wee” hockey matches – and explain what a Kin can do for them and give them a trick or two! choose any local sport league team event (figure skating, pool, gym, karate studio, yoga class)
  • Encourage community recreation centres to waive the fees on Saturday.
  • Offer family-friendly swim programming – all-ages aqua fit, intro to water polo, etc…
  • Organize and host events in local parks – a scavenger hunt, nature walk, etc…
  • Organize community soccer and baseball games for all ages and abilities.
  • Encourage families to visit their local parks and playgrounds.
  • Encourage local sports and recreational groups to offer information sessions, or “try it” days.
  • Plan community fun fairs and use local parks to host multi-sport events for kids.
  • Botanical societies can plan a local, neighbourhood garden tour.
  • Take your classes outside – yoga, Zumba and cross fit can all be done in the park!
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