Work/Networking Activity Ideas

  • Open House Cocktail Time! Generate new partnerships, and referrals, by inviting colleagues, and other professionals, to mingle with healthy drinks.
  • Create a “KinDating” event. Invite other professionals and/or clients to meet one member of your office for a 3-minute consult until the bell rings, people rotate, and get to talk with other members of your office. Free short consults! Share fun tricks! (like a speed-dating event )
  • Challenge another health professionals to compete/participate in circuit training in your office. Create working stations where they get to play with apparatus, tapes, weights, etc.
  • Invite your suppliers to sponsor/to visit your office and present their products/trends/discuss issues of the profession with your colleagues.
  • Invite other health professionals to meet you:
    MD, PT, ATC, Chiro, OT, Physios, Ergonomists, Nutritionists, Sport Psychologists, Coaches etc.
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