As part of the annual National Kinesiology Week, the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance wants to remind Canadians that help is available for those who are struggling to achieve the recommended minimum level of physical activity and to adopt an active lifestyle. That’s why National Kinesiology Week is a great opportunity for people to meet with kinesiologists who can take the time to explain how it is possible to increase their motivation and achieve their health goals.

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists. These specialists are also the best resource for those who are struggling with problems like anxiety, depression, mental illness, diabetes, back pain or blood pressure problems. Kins can design a personalized training plan and thus improve their clients’ health. They work in a variety of roles in health promotion, sports training, rehabilitation, occupational health and safety, ergonomics, disability management, research and sports medicine. The Canadian Kinesiology Alliance (CKA) represents Kinesiologists on a national level by promoting and by providing advocacy of the profession of Kinesiology in Canada. The Alliance has over 4,300 affiliates across the country.

During National Kinesiology Week, watch for a variety of activities to help people become active, and enjoy the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. Find a Kin or events near you, visit www.CKA.ca or call 844-kinesio (546-3746).

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