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Let your kids plan the activities for the day! If you’ve never played Grounders or Manhunt, you’re missing out! There are dozens of possible games . Head to the park or playground and set up a fun obstacle course. Make a splash at your community pool or local recreation centre.… Read More
Give mini-conferences to your local community health clinic, to the long-term care homes/residences in your neighbourhood, to your gym, to the social clubs around you, to the Spa near you etc. Go visit the Saturday “pee wee” hockey matches – and explain what a Kin can do for them and… Read More
Open House Cocktail Time! Generate new partnerships, and referrals, by inviting colleagues, and other professionals, to mingle with healthy drinks. Create a “KinDating” event. Invite other professionals and/or clients to meet one member of your office for a 3-minute consult until the bell rings, people rotate, and get to talk… Read More
  Activities Content National Strength and Conditioning Association BC Clinic BC webinar; National Strength and Conditioning Association BC Clinic Je marche avec une kinésiologue Venez me rencontrer pour une marche en sentier à Trois-Rivières. Profitez-en pour me poser des questions sur le domaines de l'activité physique et des bonnes habitudes… Read More
This year’s KinWeek is held in support of World Diabetes Day; on November 14th, thousands of buildings around the world will be lit in blue to raise awareness and support WDD. Light your home or office building to shine a blue light on diabetes. Visit WDD Blue Light Read More
KinWeek is an initiative to show that Kinesiologists can teach Canadians how to achieve, and maintain, a healthy lifestyle. KinWeek also provides marketing opportunities to increase a kin’s network of professionals. Here's how! Choose an idea from this list. Adapt it. Post it on the NationalKinesiologyWeek pages – or send… Read More