Let’s get more people moving

Log your exercise minutes and/or kilometers and have the chance to enter the MoveBetterChallenge Contest:

Add your minutes and kilometres to those accumulated by people who moved and exercised in Canada during the National Kinesiology Week.

The MoveBetterChallenge objective is to surpass the result of the 2019 ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge which got Canadians across the country sitting less and moving more together with a total of 265,813,108 physical activity minutes tracked last June, that is 109 452 456 for 7 days.

National Kinesiology Week has something for everyone. On this site you can record your walks, runs, rides, encourage others to move better to live better… and so much more…

Keep your eyes peeled over the National Kinesiology Week, as Kinesiologists are ready to meet you and come up with fun and rewarding ways for you to move better, live better.

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