MoveBetterChallenge Week Overview

Let’s plan your weekly overview

Participating in the National Kinesiology Week is a meaningful and fun-filled activity. Use the following guide to help you plan and undertake your weekly MoveBetterChallenge. Take these ideas, adapt them to your lifestyle and log in your minutes and kilometers in the Move-o-meter.

Day #1: Kick off
Introduce yourself to your local Kinesiologist or send an email to encourage your friends and colleagues to take on the MoveBetterChallenge. Even better, walk to your friends to challenge them. Take the stairs.

Day #2: Start your Training
You can start moving in different ways, including:

  • Starting a lunch time walking club;
  • Challenge a friend or colleague to a step count competition;
  • Checking out your local community center, gym or clinic to find out the name of a Kinesiologist near you.
  • Visit: Find a kin

Day #3: Sugar-Free for a day
Challenge yourself and friends to give up sugar for one day, two, three…
Every time you have a sugar craving, go walk, go up-and-down the stairs. Log your minutes and kilometers in the Move-o-meter.

Day #4: Travel while Logging in your Exercise Time and Distance
Invite a friend, a colleague, even your boss to complete the MoveBetterChallenge. Choose a distance or location to travel to i.e. run… to Paris! You can track your kilometres travelled on a map taped to the wall.
Reach the destination of your dreams.

Day #5: Pump-up for Diabetes
You are probably ready to give up at this point. Did you know that those who struggle to have a better mental health don’t have a choice, they can’t give up…taking care of your health requires discipline, perseverance, and good-will. You’ll see. you will feel better, move better and live better. Don’t give up now!

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